• Stealing from Natives: awful
  • Stealing from East Asians: terribad
  • Stealing from South Asians: the worst
  • Stealing from Southeast Asians: how could you?
  • Stealing from Latinos: you will be taken to task, my friend.
  • Stealing from Africans: jesus fuck the devil!
  • Stealing from Black Americans: ...wait that counts as a culture????
Black people food.

Black people food.


OK, anyone who loses their parents at a young age has my sympathy, but I just can’t like Bruce Wayne’s parents. They could’ve been portrayed as a little more down to earth. They, especially the mother, seem like wealthy liberals who soothe their guilt by giving little gifts to Gotham while still maintaining a safe barrier between ordinary people and the Wayne family. Is Alfred, someone who is supposed to be “like family”, seriously calling a little fucking boy “master”? Get the fuck out. Also, didn’t Alfred say that his family had been in that house for 6 generations? They have the type of money that was acquired when there was sometimes violent opposition to successful black businesses. Wayne Manor was allowed to thrive while millions of others couldn’t leave one cent to their children and I’m supposed to feel something for his “do good-er” parents? I don’t think so. I mean, fuck, the mom didn’t say one word the entire time. She just stuck her nose up whenever her I’m-a-doctor-and-doctors-help-ordinary-people-so-that’s-supposed-to make-up-for-me-being-way-out-of-touch husband talked about throwing pennies at Gotham’s poor. She seemed like the type of bitch who bragged to her socialite friends about sending money to the NAACP. The Batman series idolizes the upper class (as a Brit, I don’t think Christopher Nolan shares America’s phony disdain for the rich), which is why it’s so pro-police (Batman literally fights on the side of the police against angry poor people in The Dark Knight Rises). The series glances at the huge class disparities in Gotham and portrays them as unfortunate, but it’s always the poor and outcast who are to blame. A drug addict killed Wayne’s parents. People with psychological disorders did The Joker’s bidding. My boo Bane, who calls out Gotham’s elite and calls for “the people” to reign, is portrayed as a violent monster. Even though the movies make references to organized crime, it’s the petty criminals who are shown committing crimes most often. 

In conclusion, fuck these movies and I’m about to watch all of them again because they are amazing. 

OMG why is King Joffrey in Batman Begins


Bane can get the pussy tho  image

This right here. This is my childhood in one collage. It was all women, all the time in my house. Natalie Merchant, Erykah Badu (she desperately needs to be in this collage), Sarah McLachlan… My childhood was filled with female artists who, mostly, were over thirty, ok-looking, very talented women who wore their anger like a badge of honor. Ms. Badu, thank you for “Tyrone”. How many times did my mother blast that in our beat up, blue Chevy? Alanis, thank you for “You Oughta Know”. Screaming your hurt is not only acceptable, it’s therapeutic. Fiona, thank you for, well, all your crazy shit too. Lauryn, thank you for teaching me that love can be very complicated as well as beautiful. Thank you for teaching me to be comfortable incorporating my love for God in my art. Thank you for “Zion”. Dolores of The Cranberries, thank you for “Zombie”. As a little girl, I didn’t understand what the song was about, but I know you were fucking serious about it and that’s all I needed to know. Thank you, Erykah, for On & On. I’d never heard something so black and so loving and so smart and so funny in one album before. It reminded me of my soft spoken mother, my sassy grandmother, and my fly Auntie all at once. Me and mommy listened to that tape ‘till it popped and we had to buy the CD. Thank you Des’ree for “You Gotta Be”. Amel Larrieux, thank you for “ini”. Talking about loving the way you look as a black woman was so important to my 13 year old self. Jewel… yes, I said Jewel. Your first CD was the first CD I’d ever own, and I wore it out. “Who Will Save Your Soul” inspired an 11 year old to try her best to ponder consumerism. I’m not saying that artists like this don’t exist anymore. They do. But the fact that I could hear these women on the radio, that their music videos were played regularly on television, that they were accessible to people who didn’t have access to anything “underground” was important. All of them have undoubtedly shaped who I am. A big THANK YOU to 90s ladies ;)






lol what is this from

I need to watch this in its entirety



OMG It’s back. I was def the White Asian back in high school. But yeah, where is this from?!?!

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Help. Us. All. 

The concept of transphobia hadn’t really hit the mainstream yet…

The concept of transphobia hadn’t really hit the mainstream yet…

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