Data from the Centers for Disease Control and National Household Drug Abuse Survey indicates:

— Whites in high school are seven times more likely than blacks to have used cocaine or heroin, and six times more likely to have used methamphetamine;

— Whites are forty-three percent more likely than blacks to drink alcohol and twenty-seven percent more likely to binge drink (consuming five or more drinks at a time), with white youth twice as likely as black youth to binge;

— Whites are seventy-four percent more likely than blacks to binge drink regularly (at least five times monthly), and white youth are three times as likely to do so;

— In fact, there are more whites who binge drink at least once a month than there are blacks in the entire U.S. population!

— And finally, according to one private study, white college students consume three times more alcoholic beverages weekly than black students, are two-thirds more likely to drink to the point of being hungover, and seventy percent more likely to drink ’till they puke.

Far from mere self-inflicted harm, these white behaviors actually put others at substantial risk:

— Whites are almost twice as likely as blacks to drive drunk, and fifteen percent more likely to do so than Hispanics;

— Whites between 12-17, are more likely than black youth to have sold drugs in the past year;

— The annual cost of white alcohol and drug abuse is at least $200 billion in health care and law enforcement expenditures, as well as lost productivity;

— White males are more likely than black males to have carried a weapon in the last thirty days; and white male high school seniors are twice as likely as blacks to bring a weapon to school.

Besides the lie that blacks do more drugs than whites, drinking heavily (especially among college students) is considered a “white thing.” Because of this, it’s considered “fun” and all about “being young”, not a symptom of “alcoholism”… which is what it is. Nothing white people do is pathologized, and whatever is, is put on the negros. 


"Good" is not weed’s only characteristic…