Perm It Up

Perm It Up

Watch it all fall out.

I need this device. 




i can show you the wooooooorld

deep condition your afffffroooo

tell me, lady

when was the last time

somebody greased yo scaaaaaalp

i can do your twist ouuuuuuuuuts

buy you shea moisture shaaaampoooo

everythiiing you do i do

i can detangle all siiiiiiides 

A whole new CUURRRLLL!

A Dazzling Bantu knot anew

Now I can tell from here

Its crystal clear!

That I respect your na-tur-al hairdoooo!

I just sang this with all my heart no joke. 

(Source: nawyougood)

Beyonce looks so pretty with natural looking, curly brown hair. 

And don’t ask me for nothing. 

And don’t ask me for nothing.