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Stop pretending like a big ass is an essential part of a black woman’s body, makes her more valuable or attractive, or makes her more “black”.

What’s real: Many black women (and men) have booties that are naturally bigger than white folk’s. For years white people have disregarded and disrespected black women’s very common shape and called it undesirable. Black women, in recent years, have started to truly appreciate their shape. This is a wonderful thing. 

What’s true: Creating yet another beauty standard takes all that positive self-love and throws it in the toilet. For the most part, it seems like we’re  celebrating our bodies because black men like big asses, not because these bodies are our own. Because this is a sexist society we can’t simply praise the big black bootie along with all shapes of black women, we have to limit our “love” to a specific shape, claim that the pear shape is “black” and that a slimmer shape is “white”. Let me say this: I HAVE A BLACK BODY BECAUSE I’M BLACK. Let that fucking marinate. Even my political black female bloggers on here, who know so much heartache when it comes to their bodies being commodified, judged, mocked, and violated, post the equivalent of Nicki’s rallying cry “fuck them skinny bitches”. Strange that we love and praise our big asses so much these days, and I haven’t heard a peep about a black nose. If rappers started talking about how sexy a wide nose is, we’d be posting close up pics on Instagram and getting nose implants. Just here to remind all the black skinny bitches, the thick bitches, the fat bitches, the big bootie-little tittie hoes, the big tittie big bootie chicks, the big waists, the small waists, and those chicks with three nipples, YOU IS KIND, YOU IS SMART, YOU IS IMPORTANT. Not because some dude wants to cum on your fb photo, but because you’re you. Black and sexy. 

Her weave looks like it’s made out of babies tears and the sound that comes out of conch shells. 

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I don’t know what it is, but I can’t let her go. 


the best 10 seconds in radio history